Social Media: “Friend” or Foe?

Social Media: “Friend” or Foe? by James F. Leonick

There was a recent ruling by the highest court in New York State, the Court of Appeals, regarding the impact of social media and the ability of parties in a lawsuit to obtain access to the social media accounts and content of the other parties involved. The case that was…

Accidents 101: Be Prepared for the Unexpected

When an accident occurs, it is important to understand how each party should respond in order to ensure safety and preserve crucial pieces of evidence. Protocol can vary depending on the type of accident. Automobile Accidents There are some common misconceptions about what to do in the event of a…

Purchasing a Home? Know the Distinctions between Various Types of Properties

{Read in 3 minutes} Purchasing any type of residence—a single family home, co-op, condo, or a townhome within a homeowner’s association—requires knowledge and expertise. From a legal standpoint, the person or entity responsible for the maintenance and repairs is dependent on the type of the property. Recently, I addressed the…


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