Video Surveillance: Dash-Cams and Red Light Cameras

Video Surveillance: Dash-Cams and Red Light Cameras by James Leonick

Dash-Cams Dash-cams are a double-edged sword. They can help, but they also can hurt. If you happen to be the person who has caused the accident, by having a dash-cam, you’ve created evidence for someone else to use against you. You may be forced to turn over your footage to…

Legal Resolutions for the New Year

Legal Resolutions for the New Year by James Leonick

At the start of every new year, there’s a mad rush for anything having to do with new beginnings and organizing your life, but it’s important to organize your legal and financial matters as well. This is something that most people should consider yearly. In the areas of practice that…

Paying for Long-Term Care

Paying for Long-Term Care by James Leonick

When it comes to long-term care expenses, there are three different ways to pay for it. Paying for these vital services is a challenge for most families. In this post, I would like to talk about three different ways to accomplish just that. Out of Pocket The first would be…

Home Sweet Home?

Home Sweet Home? by Lisa Leonick

Title insurance is a policy of insurance, just like a car insurance or homeowners insurance policy, that ensures against clouds on title. Judgments, liens, and prior issues that could severely undermine title to a property.  Here at Leonick Law, we’re often asked, Why do I have to pay for title…

Long-Term Care Reality Check

Long-Term Care Reality Check by James Leonick

Why is long-term care important? As we age, certain tasks — like opening child-proof bottles — get more difficult. When disability becomes so great that we can no longer perform the basic activities of daily living (ADL), long-term care is needed. ADLs include: Getting dressed in the morning; Cooking meals; Getting…

Accidents 101: Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Accidents 101: Be Prepared for the Unexpected by James Leonick

When an accident occurs, it is important to understand how each party should respond in order to ensure safety and preserve crucial pieces of evidence. Protocol can vary depending on the type of accident. Automobile Accidents There are some common options about what to do in the event of a car…

Purchasing a Home? Know the Distinctions Between Various Types of Properties

Purchasing a Home? Know the Distinctions Between Various Types of Properties by James F. Leonick

Purchasing any type of residence — a single family home, co-op, condo, or a townhome within a homeowner’s association — requires knowledge and expertise. From a legal standpoint, the person or entity responsible for the maintenance and repairs is dependent on the type of the property. Recently, I addressed the Metropolitan…

Social Media: “Friend” or Foe?

Social Media: “Friend” or Foe? by James F. Leonick

There was a recent ruling by the highest court in New York State, the Court of Appeals, regarding the impact of social media and the ability of parties in a lawsuit to obtain access to the social media accounts and content of the other parties involved. The case that was…


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