Basic Estate Planning

Last will and testament

When it comes to estate planning, we meet with clients to discuss their goals and objectives in deciding the disposition of their assets and personal effects upon their deaths. We do that by reviewing their goals, their objectives, their family tree, and their assets and liabilities. There is no cost for our initial consultation, since we can’t really suggest or offer different plans or options without knowing more about someone’s background and what they’re looking to accomplish.

Even if you have estate-planning documents already, it is important to periodically update all of your estate and medical documents. Important documents should be reviewed every five to seven years, or anytime that you have a significant event that occurs in your life. Births, deaths, marriages, or divorces will all create significant changes in life and therefore can have an effect on the documents you may have already created. When life-changing events occur, it’s important to sit down with an attorney and review your documents to make sure that they reflect the changes that have occurred in your family and life.

Every day, we meet with people who have procrastinated and then come to us after a death has occurred. It’s more difficult — sometimes, impossible — to change things after certain events have occurred.


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