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Becoming a Lawyer

Many times we’re asked why we do what we do, how we got interested in it, and what a prospective law student can do to get to know the profession. What I usually tell people is: If you have a natural, inquisitive nature about the law, you can begin to nurture that curiosity as early as middle school.

As a young student, I was fortunate enough to attend a school that offered a Criminal Justice elective. I remember being completely intrigued in that class when I took it. It was a big departure from the typical classroom teachings and it certainly piqued my interest and made me very curious about the law.

Many high schools now offer courses and extracurricular activities that have something to do with the law, like:

  • Political science or government clubs;
  • Moot court (where students practice being in a courtroom);
  • Debate teams;
  • Public service;
  • Social and civic clubs that straddle the law; or
  • Public speaking opportunities.

Activities like these are great ways for you to test the waters. If you succeed, college is the next great learning experience. Many colleges offer internships for class credit and opportunities for summer internships as well.

After you ace the law school entrance exam (LSATS) and get into law school, you’ll be required to take a core curriculum. As well as many electives. Additionally, there will be internships that span the width of the legal profession to choose from — again, an opportunity to find a niche for yourself in a big world filled with different applications of the law. Even better, the internships offered are real work, which is good news for any student.

From a very young age, students have ample opportunity to explore different areas of the law. Along with that comes critical thinking and an ability to recognize the nuances between similar concepts. It’s really a great intellectual exercise, whether you want to become a lawyer or not!

Academic advisors and career counselors will be quite helpful in your journey into many areas of the law as you prepare for your career.

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