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Often commercials for personal injury attorneys feature testimonials from people who claim that a particular law firm got them many times over the amount offered by the insurance company. It’s important to keep in mind that every law firm can make the same claim because insurance companies low-ball accident victims. In almost every case the ultimate recovery is many times over what the insurance company offered initially. 

Many times, insurance companies make offers immediately after an accident in order to dissuade victims from retaining an attorney. For some victims, the promise of a quick settlement of $5,000-$10,000 or less seems attractive even though their injuries are worth many times more than the insurance company’s offer. 

Determining the value of your injuries is just one of the functions of a personal injury attorney. An attorney also has to be aware of all the different issues that are likely to confront their clients. For example, some accident victims are unable to work due to their injuries, which is often the first domino to fall. Another consequence of being out of work may be the inability to pay medical bills. To remedy the loss of income and the inability to pay medical bills, workers’ compensation or disability claims may need to be filed. Additionally, the ability of accident victims to travel to medical appointments may be impeded by the loss of their car in an accident. Resolving their property damage claim first may become important to their overall medical and financial recovery.

As with any personal injury attorney in New York State, we only collect a legal fee if we recover an award for you. That’s true whether the award is obtained through arbitration, settlement, trial, or some other means.

Injured people have many choices when looking for an attorney to represent them. With over 30 years of experience and collecting millions of dollars in compensation for our clients, we are well suited to helping you and your family through the legal process required. We have represented clients in nearly every type of accident case from car accidents, to dog bites, to falls from scaffolds. The clients who we have successfully represented have had injuries ranging from sprains and strains to life-altering losses of function that require a multitude of surgeries and sometimes life-long rehabilitation. When combined with our team of skilled attorneys and experienced office staff, Leonick Law provides its clients with full-service, multifaceted representation.

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