Parenting Your Parents

Elder Care

Today I’m going to speak about a topic called Elder Law and a particular topic called Parenting your Parents. Many of us between the ages of 40 and 60 find ourselves in the sandwich generation- meaning we’re taking care of children and, also helping in some way or form to…

If you have a Car Accident here are 5 Tips on What to Do

car accident

I’m going to share some free advice with you today- something that people don’t often get from lawyers. This information is about what to do if you are involved in an automobile accident. I have over 30 years handling motor vehicle accidents (MVA). 10 years working for insurance companies and…

Top 10 Tips when Preparing for a Deposition

Deposition Tips

If you were called for a deposition or an EBT, examination before trial, as we call it in New York, you’re nervous. I have 10 tips for you that apply to any type of deposition, whether it’s personal injury or otherwise, to help get you through your deposition. These are…

How NOT to Plan Your Estate [Blog & Video]

Last will and testament

Many people who wait too long to create a Will or a comprehensive Estate plan. There are many ways to create a will, some of which you could perform by yourself, however there are many pitfalls to avoid. Avoiding these pitfalls is the main reason to have an attorney prepare…

The Nuts and Bolts of a Real Estate Closing [Blog & Video]

The Nuts and Bolts of a Real Estate Closing

What happens at a Real Estate closing? Real estate closings take anywhere from one to two hours. Real estate closings can create a lot of anxiety since most people only experience them a few times in their lifetime. Before you get there, a lot of preliminary work is done. As…

7 Important Things to Do When a Loved One Dies [VIDEO]

Signing Estate Planning Documents

We’re in trying times with the pandemic, and the most unfortunate thing that some people have to deal with is the loss of a loved one. There are things that you should be aware of that need to be done after someone passes.  Steps to consider: 1. Contact the Social…

Do I Have to Pay My Deceased Parents’ Credit Card Bills? [VIDEO]

Stack of credit cards

Some of the most frequently asked questions that I field from clients and beneficiaries relate to the financial aspect of their loved one’s estate. Many family members want to know how much they’re getting and where the rest of the money is going.  Once an executor or an administrator is…

Legal Resolutions for 2021 [VIDEO]

Huge judge's wooden gavel on blurred background

Everyone has goals they set at the start of a new year. In this video, Jim discusses smart legal moves to make -if you haven’t already- to secure yourself legally.  Please contact Leonick Law for your legal needs. James F. Leonick Leonick Law, P.L.L.C. TEL: (631) 486-9500 Email:

Why Do I Need a New Survey? [VIDEO]

Close up Businessman in Business Suit Holding a Cute Miniature House Model Using his Both Hands.

When you’re buying property, how do you really know what you’re buying?  We commonly refer to property, whether it’s commercial or residential, by a street address, but from a legal standpoint that doesn’t tell us enough. It doesn’t tell you if you are getting what you thought you were buying….

The Legal Process Following a Loved One’s Death [VIDEO]

Gavel and Hourglass on dark

Due to the public health emergency, there have been many premature deaths this year. This leaves survivors to figure out the best way to deal with all of the loose ends.  One of the things that they have to address is the legal implications that come about when someone passes…

Common Misconceptions About Personal Injury Cases [VIDEO]

personal injury law word written on wood block. personal injury law text on table, concept.

Today I will highlight a few misconceptions I’ve heard from people over the years. One of the most common misconceptions is that when a case settles “out of court,” there hasn’t been a court process. Most times that is not true. Cases do not move well without the pressure created…

Why do You Need a Will? [VIDEO]

Businessman writing testament at notary public office

Due to the pandemic, estate planning has become a hot topic. Here I will answer some of the frequently asked questions that our office encounters concerning estate planning. I already have a Will, what else is there?   The Last Will and Testament (also known as a Will) is really…

How Leonick Law Can Help You During the Pandemic [VIDEO]

Judge, Gavel, Justice.

Business and law look different during the pandemic, and Lenoick law continues to work tirelessly on its clients’ cases, adapting as the world changes using new technologies and following new rules. If you or someone you know has new found legal needs, don’t hesitate to contact Leonick Law, we are…

Will Medicaid Pay for My Home Care? [VIDEO]

Doctor writting text MEDICAID with marker,medical concept

New York State’s budget passed in the Spring of 2020 was approved and there are some changes that have been passed that everybody should know about. Effective on October 1, 2020, there will be what’s called a two-and-a-half-year look-back period for the Medicaid program. This is important to know about,…

Urgent: Covid-19 and Your 18+ Year Old [VIDEO]

Notary with client in office

One of the things that has come up recently due to COVID-19 is what happens when adult children who are away at college need medical treatment. Even if they live at home, if they end up in the hospital, you don’t have any legal authority to make decisions for them…

Call Jim — 30 Plus Years Representing Injury Victims [VIDEO]

Personal Injury Law

Often commercials for personal injury attorneys feature testimonials from people who claim that a particular law firm got them many times over the amount offered by the insurance company. It’s important to keep in mind that every law firm can make the same claim because insurance companies low-ball accident victims….

Ease the Fear — Know HOW and WHY Legal Fees Are Charged [VIDEO]

Legal fees

 One of the things that has come up consistently throughout my career as an attorney is the universal fear of legal fees.  Everyone who needs legal services, for one reason or another, and regardless of the topic area, is always concerned about how much representation is going to cost…

The Benefits of Continuing Legal Education

Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation. Audience at the conference hall.

For any professional, it’s beneficial to obtain further education and to keep abreast of current information relating to their profession. In fact, attorneys in New York are bound to complete 24 Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits in a two-year period. CLE classes can be taken online or at a live…

Forming and Maintaining Your Corporation

Forming and Maintaining Your Corporation by James Leonick

Whether you are thinking about forming a new corporation or you have a current corporation, it comes with responsibility and paperwork that you might not necessarily know how to complete. What happens in your corporation is history being made, so it has to be documented. Whether through amendment or through…

How to Protect Yourself From a Mechanics Lien

How to Protect Yourself From a Mechanics Lien by Lisa Leonick

Congratulations, you’ve bought your dream home! Now, let’s say that you want to enhance your home and make it your own or you are in need of repairs. There is no time to do it yourself so you hire a contractor. When hiring a contractor, it is very important for…


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