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Forming and Maintaining Your Corporation

Forming and Maintaining Your Corporation by James Leonick

Whether you are thinking about forming a new corporation or you have a current corporation, it comes with responsibility and paperwork that you might not necessarily know how to complete. Forming and maintaining your corporation requires this knowledge.

What happens in your corporation is history being made, so it has to be documented. Whether through amendment or through a resolution, it all has to be put on paper in order to build a corporation with a solid foundation.

The proper formation is important and legal advice should be obtained prior to the formation to discuss the types of formation and the overall process.

If your company is already incorporated/formed, be sure your record keeping is up to date. If your record keeping has been neglected, Leonick Law can get your corporation back in compliance by updating:

  • By-laws;
  • Operating agreements;
  • Formation documents;
  • Minutes;
  • Consents; and
  • Resolutions.

Corporations also have duties to file with their state controlling agency, like the Division of Corporations here in New York. You have to file what’s called a biennial statement, which allows you to be in good standing. There are additional filing requirements that you may not be aware of as well.

The initial formation, framework, and organization of the corporation should be done with a legal counsel. Leonick Law will handle the incorporation process and can be your corporate counsel for the life of your corporation.  

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