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Luke Perry Gave His Family a Gift

Luke Perry Gave His Family A Gift by Lisa Leonick

On February 27th, Beverly Hills 90210 star Luke Perry died quite unexpectedly. Despite being only 52, Perry had the foresight to give his family the gift of peace by planning for his own care and his estate.

When a loved one is lost, it’s very comforting to know that the decedent’s affairs are in order. If they pass away with their estate documents in place, it relieves stress and extra work for the surviving loved ones at the most difficult time.

Planning ahead prevents your family from having to make very stressful decisions in terms of who will be in charge, what are the decedent’s wishes for life support, how will the family know what to do, etc. Even if you’ve discussed your wishes verbally, doctors and hospitals will require some sort of advanced directive, be it a healthcare proxy, living will, or power of attorney. Having it all written down ensures that your wishes will be followed, even if you may not be able to speak at the time a decision needs to be made.

Having your will and/or trust in place will also govern what happens to your estate upon your demise. Your family and loved ones will be relieved of the burden of having to make certain decisions in your absence being that the will and/or trust will provide this guidance and answers.

Luke Perry’s preparedness is a reminder to us that death can occur at any time, and at any age — so you’re never too young or old to prepare for the day when you have to leave your loved ones behind. Not just with wonderful memories, but with all of your affairs in order.

Make your last gift to your family peace of mind and comfort in a most difficult time by having all of your estate planning documents in order. Contact Leonick Law to benefit from our combined 50 + years of experience in trusts and estates.

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