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Paraplegic and Quadriplegic Injuries

Personal Injury->Paraplegic and Quadriplegic Injuries by James Leonick

Paraplegic and Quadriplegic Injuries

Those who suffer injuries of this nature need to have a lawyer representing them who understands the long-term consequences and costs involved in their future care. These complex cases have significant value because there are significant future consequences for the patient. Catastrophic injury cases are very different from other injury cases because they involve much more serious physical and financial ramifications.

It’s important to understand the long-term consequences. Care for someone who has suffered a spinal cord injury is significant and requires millions of dollars to be set aside in order to provide for their future medical care. Necessary medical costs are likely to include surgery, physical therapy, and the use of caregivers. It’s important that the patient and his or her attorney also consider future technologies that might impact the level of disability, and to involve a life-care planner and an economist in the assessment of these cases.

This is accomplished by using data from physicians and other healthcare providers and merging it with a future plan based upon prognosis and other data that is prepared by a life-care planner. With this information, the cost of future care including caregivers and medical supplies can be projected. This can be combined with the economist’s report that assesses lost wages, projects what wages would be if they increased in the future, and brings their cost back down to present value so that it can be understood and applied by a judge or jury. Together, this data gives us what we need to present the client’s case in the light most favorable for them.

Life-changing injuries like this require experienced, compassionate counsel that will work zealously to obtain the largest award or judgment possible.

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