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The experienced Personal Injury Lawyers at Leonick Law have over 30 years of experience in the field. Leonick Law has represented clients in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, workplace related accidents, slip and falls, dog bites and many different types of cases. The attorneys at Leonick Law are familiar with how the insurance companies operate. We have also worked with victims who have suffered traumatic brain injury, explosions, quadriplegic/paraplegic injuries, neck injuries and more. We work diligently to make sure each client receives the care they need, and we will not stop until they are satisfied. We ensure that each client receives the personalized care and consideration that they deserve. Leonick Law is based in Commack, New York and serves clients across Long Island, and New York City including Nassau county, Suffolk County and the five boroughs.

Personal Injury

James F. Leonick is an experienced Personal Injury Attorney who represents injured people who sustained their injuries as a result of various types of accidents ranging from:

Automobile accidents
Motorcycle accidents
Construction accidents
Scaffold and ladder accidents
Wrongful death
Slip and fall
Trip and fall
● Dog bites
● Neck and back injuries
● Amputation injuries
Paraplegic and quadriplegic injuries
Traumatic brain injuries
● Burns
● Birth Injury




From the moment someone is injured in an accident, their life can be thrown into a tailspin. A serious injury affects not only their physical well being, but it has a negative effect upon their ability to earn a living. It also results in medical bills and other expenses. As a result, a plan needs to be developed in order to assist the client in balancing all of these issues.

I have over 25 years of experience in handling cases of this type. I started out by defending people being sued through their insurance company. I’ve been through the trenches of litigation on both sides.


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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can be much more severe than traditional car accidents. Typically, in a motorcycle accident we deal with broken bones and surgeries, not sprains and strains. Obviously riding a motorcycle is different than driving a car, and not everyone may understand that. That is why it is imperative that you select a lawyer who knows about motorcycles and understands how they work. Often times people may assume, before looking into the case, that the motorcyclist was the cause of the accident. People who don’t ride motorcycles tend to have the stigma that all motorcyclists drive recklessly. Although there are a small number of riders who are like that, most riders are law abiding. Working with a lawyer who understand motorcycles and a juror’s perception of them is crucial to winning the award/ or settlement that you deserve to adequately compensate for your injuries.


Paraplegic and Quadriplegic Injuries

Victims who suffer paraplegic/quadriplegic injuries need the proper attention of an attorney who thoroughly understands their needs. With these types of cases, a lawyer doesn’t only need to understand the client’s injuries, but also the long-term consequences and costs regarding future care. In catastrophic injury cases like this the injuries involved can require millions to be set aside for future care needs. Hiring an attorney who understands all of the needs of Paraplegic and Quadriplegic injury victims is crucial to winning the compensation that you require now and for the rest of your life.



Each case at Leonick Law starts with compassion — and ends with legal expertise. The following examples come from real-life cases that we at Leonick Law count among our success stories.

Successful Cases

Workplace Accident

I represented a New York City Department of Sanitation mechanic who was injured at work, while walking from a mechanic’s tunnel to the yard where the sanitation trucks were kept. He was carrying a container with hydraulic oil in it.

The area where he had to walk from the tunnel to the yard had a change in grade and in order to keep trucks from bottoming out, sanitation department employees had installed a steel plate to level out the surface. That steel plate was wet and oily, and on the day of my client’s injury it was raining. There was oil and water on the plate, and as my client stepped on the plate, he slipped; his feet went up in the air, he landed on his lower back, and afterwards was out of work indefinitely. He ended up having a discectomy and lower back fusion with instrumentation that was installed.


Typically, you cannot sue your employer when you have Workers Compensation insurance, but because of a unique relationship between the sanitation workers and the City of New York, they are able to bring lawsuits when work-related accidents happen. Eventually, the case settled for $875,000 and the client also was approved for Social Security Disability and his New York City disability pension.

Slip and Fall

I represented a woman who was visiting a friend living at a residence at a local country club. As my client made her way to the friend’s apartment at the property, she slipped and fell on ice that was not properly taken care of, resulting in a fractured femur.

She had surgery and had to have a rod put in her leg to repair it. She was an older woman, so her bones were somewhat brittle and therefore hard to repair without installing a rod. That meant surgery and rehab , which were both completed successfully. After coming out of rehab, she went back to living alone in an apartment.

Once back in her apartment, she felt the need to mop her kitchen floor, and in doing so, she slipped and re-fractured the same femur, starting the same slow process of healing all over again; another surgery, another stint in rehab.


Initially the insurance carrier involved only wanted to resolve the case based upon a value for the initial fracture, but we prevailed upon them to increase the settlement of that case, ultimately receiving a $475,000 settlement. It even surprised the defense attorney that I was able to prevail upon the insurance carrier to include that as part of their evaluation.


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