Real Estate

The lawyers at Leonick Law are highly experienced in representing clients in all facets of residential and commercial real estate matters. We are the source for all of your real estate needs whether you’re purchasing, selling, leasing, or financing.



Each case at Leonick Law starts with compassion — and ends with legal expertise. The following examples come from real-life cases that we at Leonick Law count among our success stories.

Common Real Estate Matters

First-time home buyers:

We will explain the process, discuss evaluating the home’s condition, title issues, and environmental factors. We will work with you during the mortgage qualification process and represent you during closing to make your dream of homeownership come true.

Commercial real estate:

We will counsel you regarding zoning, inspections, testing, financing, leasing, assessing costs, and assisting you in making a sound investment decision for you or your business.


Whether you’re a landlord or tenant, whether you’re considering residential or commercial property, we can prepare the landlord’s lease and negotiate terms that suit your needs.

Improvement contracts:

Before you put down a substantial amount of money to create the home of your dreams, contact us. We will discuss how to choose a contractor, review the home improvement contract and help you to avoid common issues that arise, such as inspections, permits, insurance, subcontractors, etc. For most people, their home is the single largest investment, and a substantial home improvement is worthy of the time and relatively minor expense to have an attorney review the project with you before you sign contracts.


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