When we work with a purchaser, we answer each and every question along the way!

First, we will discuss the importance of verifying the true taxes on a property. Often, the current owner has various exemptions (enhanced star, senior exemption, veteran’s exemption, or volunteer firefighter exemption, etc.) that the owner is entitled to.

Depending on how the property is listed with a realtor, the tax information may or may not be accurate. Taxes can be verified directly with the town.

Prior to signing a contract, we recommend that purchasers hire an engineer or a home inspector to assess the condition of the property and all of its major systems. It should include an inspection for wood-destroying insects such as termites, carpenter ants, bees, etc.

We will also suggest that the purchasers visit the local police precinct to gauge the crime statistics and to determine if there are any known sex offenders in the area.

Upon receiving a contract to review, we work with the purchaser to negotiate its terms and order a title report. Title reports provide us with information that allows us to evaluate zoning and compliance issues; identify liens and judgments against the sellers; and permits the title company to verify that prior transactions have resulted in a “clear” title. Further investigation may be needed to verify lot lines or to examine building plans to confirm that the home you are buying is in compliance with local law. Mortgage issues will be discussed as they arise, especially with first-time home buyers. Once your funding is approved, we schedule your closing, verify the calculations, and attend the closing with you. At the closing, we will explain the various documents that need to be signed.

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