Real Estate FAQ

Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Real Estate

Do you represent buyers or sellers?

We represent both.

Do you handle transactions involving residential, commercial, and investment properties?

Yes, we can handle all of these different matters.

What is your fee?

Our fee varies depending upon whether you are buying residential or commercial property. Call us for an estimate, which will be consistent with market rates for legal services.

When am I closing?

This depends upon several factors. If you are financing your purchase, it will take longer than a cash transaction. Closing dates on residential transactions generally take 30 to 60 days. Commercial transactions take longer because there are more conditions to satisfy prior to closing.

The contract says that my closing is “on or about” May 1st should I order a mover for that date?

No. The closing date in the contract is the beginning of a 30- day period that we are estimating for closing. Setting the closing requires the coordination of schedules between the bank, the attorneys, and the parties. You should not order a mover until we pick a definite closing date.

Can I move simultaneously from the house I am selling to the one I am buying?

Sometimes you can. Most contracts allow for a “holdover” period which will give you a few days to make your transition.


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