We provide contract-to-closing representation for both purchasers and sellers of residential real estate property in the geographic areas that span from New York City to Montauk.

If you have your home’s documentation or if it is available online in your town, our lawyers will meet with you to determine whether you have the proper certificates of occupancy for your property as it exists at the time of sale, and whether you need to come into compliance with anything prior to entering into contract or closing on the property.

Compliance issues can delay transactions. The time it takes to rectify zoning or compliance issues could also result in termination of the transaction. In order to evaluate these issues in advance, we will review a copy of the survey for the property, available online municipal records, old title reports, copies of certificates of occupancy, underwriter certificates, etc.

We will review all of this paperwork with you, allowing us to determine a plan for the sale of property.

Most often, clients come to us when they have already listed their property and have a purchaser. Under those circumstances, we provide advice regarding the risks involved with waiting to see whether an issue arises during the transaction versus rectifying the problem at the outset.

In either scenario, we are knowledgeable and experienced, and will assist you in navigating through your transaction and making the transition to your next home.

Considering selling your property? Contact us today to get started.


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