Slip and Fall, Trip and Fall

slip and fall

We represent clients who have been involved in slip, trip and fall accidents. These cases typically involve raised or depressed sidewalk flags, snow, ice, slippery substances in the workplace and in public places such as supermarkets, fast food restaurants, etc. It’s important to get photographs of whatever caused the accident immediately since the cause of the accident is often cleaned up or repaired, and the problem is rectified soon after the accident occurs. The fact that a store owner or property owner took care of the problem immediately afterwards is not something that can be held against them in court in New York State. Public policy favors having people fix things rather than having dangerous situations. Therefore, it’s extremely important to investigate immediately to make sure that pictures are taken by you or an investigator on our behalf to document and provide evidence to show the defect or problem that caused the accident.

Sidewalks often have flags that are uneven. Sometimes, they are raised by tree roots, other times they are broken by vehicles passing over them. Snow and ice cases introduce a different dynamic. Weather records detailing snowfall and freeze or thaw events assist in proving these cases. The sidewalk that was shoveled today may be a sheet of ice the next day due to melting and freezing overnight.

Spills, leaks from equipment and sloppy maintenance cause many accidents in public places, and in the workplace. A common thread among fall down accidents is notice. Proving that a property owner, store owner, maintenance person or public employee had sufficient notice and time to rectify a problem is crucial to proving your case. Without a reasonable amount of notice, the responsible party may not be at fault for an accident.

If you have been involved in a fall down accident, contact us. We are available through our website or by telephone call, 24/7, 365 days a year. With over 30 years of accident and injury experience, we can help you. Don’t wait, contact us as soon after your accident as possible.


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