Power of Attorney

Urgent: Covid-19 and Your 18+ Year Old [VIDEO]

Notary with client in office

One of the things that has come up recently due to COVID-19 is what happens when adult children who are away at college need medical treatment. Even if they live at home, if they end up in the hospital, you don’t have any legal authority to make decisions for them…

Luke Perry Gave His Family a Gift

Luke Perry Gave His Family A Gift by Lisa Leonick

On February 27th, Beverly Hills 90210 star Luke Perry died quite unexpectedly. Despite being only 52, Perry had the foresight to give his family the gift of peace by planning for his own care and his estate. When a loved one is lost, it’s very comforting to know that the…

Estate Planning 101: The Importance of Basic Estate Planning

Estate Planning 101: The Importance of Basic Estate Planning by James Leonick

Everyone over the age of 18 should have basic estate planning in place. This includes the following four different documents:  Last Will and Testament; Power of Attorney; Healthcare Proxy; and Living Will.  Last Will and Testament  This document describes what will happen to your property upon your death and appoints…


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