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The Benefits of Continuing Legal Education

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For any professional, it’s beneficial to obtain further education and to keep abreast of current information relating to their profession. In fact, attorneys in New York are bound to complete 24 Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits in a two-year period.

CLE classes can be taken online or at a live or recorded seminar and the subject matter can be in any field of the law. The courses can be provided and taught by accredited and qualified institutions, associations, or professional individuals.

Although completing these CLE credits is a requirement in order to keep re-registering as an attorney in New York, the benefits are so much more than that.

Staying informed of current legal developments is vital.  Changes in the law occur quite often and being well-informed of what’s current, or anticipated, can certainly give clients an advantage.

It’s also a great way to become extremely proficient in the area of law that you focus on or love to practice, all of which will benefit the client.

Attorneys from every practice area can take a “Basics of…” class. Attorneys who have never engaged in an area of law can learn general information about it and receive great resource documents and literature.

It’s also a useful way for new attorneys to learn about a variety of practice areas to see where their interests may lie.

Quite often the real-life experience stories, cases, etc that you hear from the CLE teachers are invaluable and very interesting. Listening to how the CLE teachers have handled myriad situations in and out of a courtroom, and in and out of varying legal situations, is priceless.

We at Leonick Law take our Continuing Legal Education seriously and we are happy to share our knowledge with our clients.

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