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Video Surveillance: Dash-Cams and Red Light Cameras

Video Surveillance: Dash-Cams and Red Light Cameras by James Leonick


Dash-cams are a double-edged sword. They can help, but they also can hurt. If you happen to be the person who has caused the accident, by having a dash-cam, you’ve created evidence for someone else to use against you. You may be forced to turn over your footage to attorneys and authorities. This is an important consideration when deciding whether to install a dash-cam.

Potential Pitfalls

Our firm has been successful in obtaining video from business owners. Many are willing to provide footage in order to help the plaintiff. However, some owners will not. A subpoena can be utilized, however, there is no guarantee that we can obtain a video or that a video we do obtain shows anything useful. Unfortunately, some video equipment will only hold footage for a period of time which may present a roadblock. Also remember, if the person does not want to cooperate, the video could “magicallydisappear.

Obtaining Footage From Red Light Cameras

A local traffic adjudication office with a large waiting room used to show footage of various accidents and near misses — until recently when a citizen objected that doing so was a privacy violation. Although this footage is no longer displayed, it illustrated how many different incidents are captured by red-light cameras. Obtaining footage from red-light cameras requires subpoenas sent to both local and state agencies. It is important to immediately notify the agencies and then follow the correct legal steps to obtain the footage.

Video footage is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It provides irrefutable evidence, eliminates speculation, creates instant credibility, and extinguishes frivolous defenses. If you are involved in an accident, investigating the existence of video footage is an important step.

To learn how we can assist you by obtaining video of your accident, contact Leonick Law.

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